Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic manipulation is the manual moving of vertebrae to properly realign the spine thereby relieving pressure on the nerves, removing spasm, decreasing or eliminating pain and allowing for enhanced range of motion while resetting the nervous system. Therapies such as EMS, traction, infrared and paraffin are used as superficial modalities to alleviate pain or discomfort while therapies such as ultrasound work on a deeper cellular level removing fluids and exudates.

The use of lidocaine assists in chiropractic care because normally a muscle can only be stretched so far without causing a patient discomfort but many times the stretch threshold is not enough to relieve the pain or spasm which necessitates the treatment to begin with .  Through the use of lidocaine accupressure treatment, lidocaine is painlessly injected into the muscle where it has a life span of 10-15minutes during which time the muscle can be stretched to a much larger degree, thereby alleviating the pain and spasm.

Our highly skilled chiropractic doctor also specializes in Trigenics, a form of myoneural medicine.  Trigenics is a medical assessment and treatment system that uses interactive functional neurology to reset the way that the brain communicates with the body. The end result for the patient being that of immediate pain relief with an instant increase in strength and movement.  The way that a trigenics treatment achieves this is in a thee step formula performed at the same time to have a greater impact on the body's nervous system.  It is a safe, non-forceful treatment suitable for a wide assortment of conditions as well as all age groups. Proven effective in the reduction of swelling and inflammation of acute traumatic injuries  such as whiplash, muscular micro tears, and low back pain, as well as incredibly effective in regards to chronic pain associated but not limited to back pain, neck pain, sciatica, rotator cuff injuries, plantar fascitis, headaches, and tendonitis to name a few.